Generally, we are interested in telling stories of characters —traditionally women— who are trapped in thresholds, transformative spaces, the… if —you will— pretentious “liminal space”. To that end, we tend to resort to horror, magical and surreal narratives in many different platforms… be that a film, a transmedia project, an art installation or even a stage play .

Our experience as female filmmakers within a male-dominated industry further impacts the stories we seek to share with our audiences, expanding the focus of our films to producing work that challenges the media representation of women in film.




6K Digital, 2.39:1, DCP, 9’ [2021]


Alone in the wilderness, a woman must find a way to survive after discovering her head has been encased in cement.


| Horror Shortfilm | Technology Dependency | Invasion of Privacy |


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2022 |  20º edition of  the Bogoshorts Film Festival 
2022  | 51st edition of the Festival de Alcalá de Henares ALCINE
2022 | 11 edition of the Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico y de Terror de Navarra
2022 | 21st edition of the Festival SPASM : Festival de courts métrages insolites de Montréal
2022 |  33rd edition of the Semana de Terror de San Sebastian Fantasy and Horror Film Festival 
2022 | Vancouver Horror Show
2022 | 10th edition of FERATUM, Festival Internacional de Cine Fantastico, Terror y Sci-Fi
2022 | 27th Festival International du Court Métrage de Dijon "Fenêtres sur Courts"
2022 | ALPATRUM Horror Short Film night of the 37th ALPINE Film Festival
2022 | 17th edition of the Mayhem International Film Festival
2022 | 15th edition of the  Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival
2022 | 10th edition of the Hell de Janeiro
2022 | 16th edition of the  MOTELX Lisbon International Film Festival
2022 | 22nd Edition of the  Landshut  Short Film Festival
2022 | Film Maudit 2.0
2021 | ShockFest Film Festival
2021 | 12th edition of Telluride Horror Show


4K Digital, 1:1, 12 episodes  

LOGLINE An Anthology Series, Open-Ended Flash Fictions Starring Women

THEMES | Female Empowerement | 

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2022 | Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival (LEFUFF)
2021 | Shudder
2021 | 13 Minutes of Horror | NYX Horror Collective

2021 | Carballo Interplay International Web Series Festival

The Film Machine
6K Digital, 2.39:1, DCP, 9’ [2018-2020]

LOGLINE An assault to the horror genre and the conceited traditional narrative starring Whitney Palmer.

THEMES | Horror Shortfilm | Satire of the traditional horror tropes | 

NIGHTSTREAM Festival  (USA, Fall 2020)
Boston Underground Film Festival (USA, East Coast Premiere, Fall 2020)
The Film Maudit 2.0 (USA, California Premiere, Fall 2019)
Defy Film Festival (USA, Nashville Premiere, Summer 2019)
University Film and Video Association (USA, Summer 2019)
Chicago Underground Film Festival (USA, Illinois Premiere, Summer 2019) Speechless Film Festival (USA, Minnesota Premiere, Spring 2019)
Women in Horror Film Festival (USA, Georgia Premiere, Spring 2019)
Mórbido Film Festival (Mexico, Latin American Premiere, Fall 2019)
Festival de Cinema Fantástico de Galicia (Spain, Fall 2018)
Curtocircuito Film Festival (Spain, Fall 2018)
Festival de Cans (Spain, Spring 2018)
Utah Film Awards (USA, Fall 2017)
Annual Park City Film Series: Filmmakers Showcase (USA, World Premiere, Fall 2017)