Liminal is the stage component of a partnership between the Department of Theatre, Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory, and Also Sisters. The stage play was written by Troy Deutsch, based on an original idea by Also Sisters—internationally-recognized filmmakers, multimedia storytellers, and Assistant Professors in the Film and Media Arts—and developed with the assistance of local playwright Brandan Ngo and Plan B Theatre’s Theatre Artists of Color Writing Workshop. Liminal's co-directors, Robert Scott Smith and Alexandra Harbold, are also the co-founders of Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory. An upcoming film by Also Sisters, currently in pre-production, is another component of this collaboration. Although the stage play and the film are standalone works, they will also function as companion pieces as this project continues to grow and develop.

Liminal represents the first collaboration of its kind for the Department of Theatre, and we are thrilled to share this truly pioneering work-in-progress with our community. We hope that this project leads to additional new work and collaboration opportunities for students in the department, while also providing means and inspiration for us to engage meaningfully and productively with our extraordinary arts community.