2021 - Transmedia• 4 minutes • 4K Digital • 2.39:1 • DCP & Art

Through a combination of heavily edited images, On The Margins of Metaxy visually presents the space in-between two poles of existence, current and future, tangible and intangible. To that end, the artists make use of a number of film techniques to express a lack of progression or a sense of “stuckness” within liminality. Optical distortions create unusual phenomena consisting of complex refractions and image displacement that visually speak of the essence of the “in-between”.
Creative use of physical and real boundaries generates literal thresholds between the transitional space and the world beyond the margins of metaxy. Intricate image compositions reflect the iterative and disorienting nature of liminal territories and thresholds. Characters circle within the space losing sense of where their own entity and identity begins or ends. And on-diegetic sound evokes an emotional fluid state often unsettling and hallucinatory.
DISTRIBUTION by Also Sisters
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2022 | 10th Edition South Texas Underground Film Festival
2022 | Ogden Contemporary Art [OCA]
2021 | Finch Lane Gallery
2021 | Sydney Underground Film Festival.
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