Our professional pseudonym has a super simple backstory:  It is a combination of our last names, "ALbert-SObrino." Plus, it's a fun response to the classic question we always get: "So, you two make films together? And you're ALSO Sisters?"
We picked this name because it not only represents our partnership but also captures the spirit of our collaboration.

Award-winning filmmakers Sonia and Miriam Albert-Sobrino, collectively known as ALSO Sisters, defy the ordinary directing duo. Engaging in screenwriting, directing, cinematography, and editing, their hands-on approach highlights their proficiency and profound understanding of the filmmaking process. This applied practice predates their filmmaking journey and stems from their prior roles as Registered Nurses in Spain and Scotland. A background that not only shapes their narratives but also instills a preference for active on-set involvement over the conventional role of the "sit-down director.” 
Following their tenure in Nursing, Sonia and Miriam immersed themselves in the world of visual storytelling through comprehensive education in film schools both in Spain and the US. It was in the latter where they earned their Master of Fine Arts degrees in Film Production, laying the foundation for their distinctive approach to the craft. Over the ensuing decade, ALSO Sisters' creative endeavors have culminated in a multitude of films, garnering acclaim at reputable festivals, including Sitges International Film Festival, Edinburgh, Raindance, Cinespaña, among a myriad of general and horror-specific award-qualifying venues. Notably, their first feature film "THE STORY OF A SATELLITE" was nominated for the best debut feature at the 25th Edition of the Raindance Film Festival, bringing them recognition, particularly in the area of experimental art cinema.
Whether navigating small-scale DIY productions or collaborating on expansive projects with a diverse array of partners, their adaptability is unquestionable. A testament to their ingenuity is the acclaim garnered by their latest shorts, "FACE NOT RECOGNIZED. TRY AGAIN," and “AURA,” films produced solely by the duo, earning recognition in prestigious festivals, including Méliès and Academy Award qualifying venues.
Currently, ALSO Sisters are in the final steps of post-production for their short film "EXTERMINATING CIRCUMSTANCES,” while gearing up for principal photography for their second feature, "THE STAIRWELL.” This will be their first long-format endeavor filmed on American soil. Packed in an exciting cosmic horror bottle story, this project stars an all-female lead cast and explores the multifaceted dimensions that make us all human and shape our understanding of the “other.”
Beyond their cinematic pursuits, ALSO Sisters contribute with their expertise scholarly, imparting knowledge within the classrooms of the University of Utah’s Film and Media Arts Department. This commitment to educating the next generation of filmmakers highlights their dedication to the broader cinematic discourse. In this environment, inspired by their peers and emerging talent, ALSO Sisters remain attuned to evolving artistic trends while staying true to their interests and life experiences.
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